Masterpav DF100 Polymer Resurfacing


Masterpav DF100 Polymer Resurfacing

Masterpav DF100 Polymer Resurfacing Is a versatile cost effective 3-5mm application of polymer modified cement compound that transform plain concrete to slate or timber effect. It can be spray or trowel on to finish.


  • Wide range of colours and textures
  • Good adhesion to most existing concrete surface
  • Durable with little maintenance

Where can this product be used?

  •  Exterior floor
  • Interior floor
  • Driveways
  • Walkways
  • Patio
  • Shopping Complex
  • Car parks
  • Garage floors
  • Office floors
  • Any concrete surfaces


  • Primer

    After proper substrate preparation, the surface is primed with primer, dilute 1 part of Polymer Concentrate PC100 to 2 part of water. Apply using a soft broom or roller.

  • DF100 Basecoat Application (optional)

    After surface is primed, DF100 Basecoat is mixed and troweled onto surface, make sure finishing is as smooth as possible. Basecoat material is prepared by mixing one pack of DF100 Basecoat (25kg/bag) with 5 – 5.5L of Polymer Concentrate.

  • Pattern Design

    When the base coat has hardened sufficiently, pattern is created by using filament tapes or stencil paper.

  • DF100 Spray Coat Application

    Mix 1 bags(25kg) of Polymer DF100 powder with 5.5 – 7.5L of Masterpav Polymer Concentrate. The materials is stirred by using a paddle mixer under continuous mixing until homogeneous. DF100 Spray Coat material is then poured into a hopper gun and sprayed on the base coat or concrete.

  • Sealing

    After Masterpav Polymer Resurfacing DF100 dried, the surface is applied with 2 coats of Masterpav Top Coat PU610. Sealer can be applied by roller. Application is completed and can be opened for human traffic after 1 days and for light traffic after 7 days.