DF200 Designercote Polymer Floor


Masterpav DF200 Designercote Polymer Floor (Internal Application)

Masterpav DF200 Designercote Polymer Floor is polymer modified cement compounds specially design for interior floor to transforms existing plain concrete to look like classic natural stone, ceramic tiles, marble, slate or timber wood effect.
The product can be applied on most existing concrete surfaces. It is ideal for interior floor like shopping complex, office floor, interior shop & showroom
Masterpav DF200 Designercote is available in White and Buttermilk color. Multiple color effect achieved by using Masterpav U1 Waterbase Color Stain.

Features :

  • Offers a variety of color and design finishes
  • Good adhesion to most existing concrete surfaces
  • Adds enhancement and protection to floor
  • Provides a hand crafted aesthetic look


  • Step 1: Concrete Flooring. Surface Preparation

  • Step 2: Primer — After Proper Substrate preparation, the surface is primed with primer, 1Part of Polymer Concentrate PC100 mix with 2 part of Water by using a soft broom or roller

  • Step 3: Designercote Application (optional) –  After surface is primed, designercote hardener is mixed and trowed onto surface, make sure finishing as smooth as possible. Designercote materials is prepared by  mixing one bag of powder (25kg) to 5.6 – 6.5 lit of Masterpav Polymer Concentrate PC100. Drill using an electrical paddle mixer under continues mixing. Stir until homogenous.

  • Step 4: Texture Create – create a special texture effect by using a Japanese trowel. Leave the materials to cure and then grind the texture surface to reduce the texture sharpness.

  • Step 5: Carving – carve the desired design by using a special engraving tool.

  • Step 6: Staining use multiple U1 waterbase colour stain to achieve various colors and effects.

  • Step 7: Staining – staining on the carving word

  • Step 8: Sealing – Apply top coat PU610 – 2 coats application by using a roller.