Masterpav Wall Stamping TDS


Masterpav Wall Stamping materials is a modified cement compounds specially formulate to plaster on wall with a 10-20mm thickness to create a decorative wall covering stimulate a natural stone and brick effects by using a lightweight moulds used to impart a texture. Carving can also be used after stamping to correct any imperfections or to add custom detailing.


The product can be applied on new and existing interior and exterior vertical wall.


Masterpav Wall Stamping color based on color hardener color selection chart. Where customized color is required, the color can also be formulated to specification with prior notification and quantities.

Preparation of the substrates is extremely important to ensure good adhesion.

1. For new concrete wall, the surface of plaster should be rough.

2. Remove any particles of dirt, grease and grime from an existing wall.

3. Remove any loose paint from the wall. Glossy and semi gloss paint should be sanded to dull the surface before applica-tion of primer. If there is any loose paint on wall, this will affect the adhesion of wall stamping materials on the substrates

4. Ensure the new dry wall should be free of contaminants such as dust, dirt and mildew.

1. Apply primer coat — mixture of 1 part DF100 Polymer Concentrate (PC100) with 1 or 2 part of Water. Apply using a roller or broom.

1. Mix the wall stamping materials with clean water. Stir the materials either use a concrete mixer or an electrical paddle mixer. As a guide, mix 1 bags (25kg) wall stamping powder with ± 4Lit water.

2. Plaster the mixed materials on wall for about 10- 20mm thickness. Plaster as smooth as possible

3. Once the materials ready to stamp, spray Masterpav Liquid Releaser on to the moulds and start a stamping work until completed. Ensure to keep spray the liquid releaser on the mould to prevent the materials stick on it.

4. Leave it the materials to fully cure

5. Use special carving tools to correct any imperfections.

After surface is fully cured, use multiple color of Masterpav U1 Waterbase Colorstain to get a different color effect.

Seal the work done by using 1 to 2 coats of Masterpav SG60 Sealer.


Masterpav Wall Stamping Powder = 25Kg/Bag

Masterpav Polymer Concentrate PC100 = 20Lit/Pail

Masterpav Liquid Releaser = 5Lit/Set

Masterpav U1 Waterbase Colorstain = 500m1/btl

Masterpav SG60 Sealer = 20Lit/Pail


Under normal condition, when properly stored, the shelf life of Masterpav Wall Stamping Powder is 6 months from the date of manufacturing. After this period, product should be checked to ensure its suitability to use.

All statements and recommendations are based on experience we believe to be reliable. The use or application of these products being beyond the control of the seller or manufacturer, neither the seller nor the manufacturer make any warranty expressed or implied, as to results or hazard from its use. The suitability, risk and liability whatsoever of a product for any intended use shall be solely up to the user.